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Trekking Pole Reviews

If you’re new to hiking and thinking about buying trekking poles, then you might be too excited and proceed with the purchase without doing prior research. This can prove to be a huge mistake as you might end up wasting your money. There’s a reason why it’s often recommended to read reviews first before you shell out cash. They help give you an idea as to the overall quality of the product as well as its features. Keep reading to learn the importance of reading trekking pole reviews.


Perhaps the best reason why you should read reviews of trekking poles is that they give you a clear picture of just how useful they are in the real world. Some people think that these poles aren’t necessary and that manufacturers are simply marketing them as a must-have for hikers. But if you talk to avid hikers or read reviews online, you can immediately see that trekking poles are not just a gimmick. They relieve a great deal of pressure off your knees and ankles. The poles also add some much-needed stability, especially on rugged terrain.

Another advantage to reading reviews is that you can weed out the bad pairs on the market. Bear in mind that trekking poles may look the same, but they come with different features and specifications. Price and brand name should not be used as an indicator of quality. You can turn to reviews to better gauge the quality of the poles. This is a much better approach compared to personally visiting your local store, which can take an awful lot of time.

The most important thing to keep in mind when reading reviews is to make sure that they come from legitimate sources. It’s usually a good idea to avoid reading reviews from websites of manufacturers. Instead, you should look for personal blogs of real hikers. You might be surprised that these blogs are more popular than you might think. You may even stumble upon video reviews, which are getting more commonplace these days because modern trekking poles come with camera mounts.

It’s inevitable to find reviews filled with hype. But the real reviews go into the smallest details of the product. You should make sure that you read reviews that do not only enumerate the specifications of the trekking poles. You will be better served if the author thoroughly explains the features of the product. Some of the most important factors you should read include materials, quality of grips and wrist straps, shock absorption system and adjustable shaft.

These are the best reasons why you should read trekking pole reviews before making a purchase. While there are plenty of websites that offer reviews, be sure to evaluate the sources. Hikers that have personal blogs are often the most reliable source of real reviews. By doing your due diligence, you should be able to find excellent reviews online that will help you buy your first pair of high-quality trekking poles.

Finding Legitimate Trekking Pole Reviews

Do you plan on getting yourself a brand new pair of trekking poles? You must be very excited to do some shopping, but if you don’t know what exactly to buy, this process can quickly become a nightmare. This is particularly for complete beginners who have no idea what to look for in trekking poles. Some of you hiker friends might be able to help, but if you have none, then your best option is to sift through online reviews. As you may know, the internet is plagued by countless fake reviews. To avoid falling victim to these fake testimonials, here are some of the best sources of trekking pole reviews.

There’s a good chance that you will begin your shopping through an online search. Google is your best friend in this regard. If you’re already eyeing a specific model, then you can simply enter the name followed by the term “reviews.” This should return a list of reviews for the specific model you plan on buying. You can also use a more general search term in case you still have no idea what exactly to purchase.

You might be tempted to read only the one sitting on top of the search engine results pages. Chances are this listing comes from a popular website or brand. This may not be the smartest option as you cannot tell whether the reviews found on such websites are real or not. In most cases, a manufacturer’s website contains a testimonials page, but it’s best to take the reviews found on this page with a grain of salt.

To ensure that you’re reading reviews written by real people, it’s best to turn to personal blogs. The good news is that more and more hikers are documenting their adventures. They maintain their blogs where they share their experiences. In some cases, they also share reviews of trekking poles they have used. This is the best kind of review you can read online. You can rest assured that the author of the review knows what he or she talks about. You might also notice that such reviews are more in-depth than those found in popular websites.

It’s also possible to find reviews of trekking poles in the form of videos. With the popularity of GoPro and smartphones, it’s now easier than ever to capture photos and videos. You can try visiting video sharing websites and use the search function similar to how you would use a search engine. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find a video review of the exact model you want.

As you can see, finding legitimate trekking pole reviews is a fairly simple process. You just need to spend more time on digging deeper into the search results and learn how to look beyond popular brands and review websites. By reading personal blogs and watching online video reviews, you put yourself in the best position to find a good pair of trekking poles that perfectly fits your budget and needs.

Shop Smarter With Trekking Pole Reviews


If you are the type of person that loves to spend time outdoors hiking or snowshoeing, trekking poles could be a fantastic investment. These poles can provide additional stability on steep slopes. They can also help minimize the impact on your joints as you walk, preventing knees strain and other issues that are commonly associated with hiking.

During the winter, they can help you test the depth of snow or the thickness of ice so that you know what you are getting into before you step out into a dangerous area and find yourself in trouble. They can also help keep you from losing your balance as you trudge through the snow.

Trekking pole reviews can provide valuable information that you can use to determine which poles to buy. Although these polls generally are not expensive, it is still important to make sure that you are getting a high-quality product for your money. After all, the last thing that you want is to waste money on a product that doesn’t work.

When reading through reviews, keep an eye out for information on how easy the polls are to use. Are they adjustable? Are they comfortable to hold in your hands? Do they work the way that they were designed to? Finding answers to all of these types of questions can help you determine whether a particular set of poles will live up to your expectations.

Pay attention to the overall skill level of the reviewer. A person who walks on flat trails will generally have a much different experience than someone that traverses steep terrain. Try to find reviews that were written by people who hike in similar situations to those that you find yourself in. This will give you a better idea whether or not the poles are a good choice for you and your particular hiking style.

In some cases, reviews may also be able to help you learn more about the parent company that designed the poles. Oftentimes, reviewers will provide feedback on the level of customer support that they received. This is particularly true if they encountered a problem and needed help from the company to get it resolved. Knowing that a company stands behind their products and that they value their customers is important. If you find negative reviews about the company that made the poles, you may want to look for a different brand instead.

Trekking pole reviews can provide helpful insight into a particular set of poles. Through reviews, you can learn how durable and well-made the poles are as well as how comfortable they are to use. This type of information can help you make an informed buying decision.

Before you waste your money on a set of low-quality trekking poles, consider taking a few extra minutes to read reviews. In the long run, you will most likely be happy that you did. Reviews can steer you in the direction of the best poles on the market, helping to ensure that you are happy with your purchase.