Finding Legitimate Trekking Pole Reviews

Do you plan on getting yourself a brand new pair of trekking poles? You must be very excited to do some shopping, but if you don’t know what exactly to buy, this process can quickly become a nightmare. This is particularly for complete beginners who have no idea what to look for in trekking poles. Some of you hiker friends might be able to help, but if you have none, then your best option is to sift through online reviews. As you may know, the internet is plagued by countless fake reviews. To avoid falling victim to these fake testimonials, here are some of the best sources of trekking pole reviews.

There’s a good chance that you will begin your shopping through an online search. Google is your best friend in this regard. If you’re already eyeing a specific model, then you can simply enter the name followed by the term “reviews.” This should return a list of reviews for the specific model you plan on buying. You can also use a more general search term in case you still have no idea what exactly to purchase.

You might be tempted to read only the one sitting on top of the search engine results pages. Chances are this listing comes from a popular website or brand. This may not be the smartest option as you cannot tell whether the reviews found on such websites are real or not. In most cases, a manufacturer’s website contains a testimonials page, but it’s best to take the reviews found on this page with a grain of salt.

To ensure that you’re reading reviews written by real people, it’s best to turn to personal blogs. The good news is that more and more hikers are documenting their adventures. They maintain their blogs where they share their experiences. In some cases, they also share reviews of trekking poles they have used. This is the best kind of review you can read online. You can rest assured that the author of the review knows what he or she talks about. You might also notice that such reviews are more in-depth than those found in popular websites.

It’s also possible to find reviews of trekking poles in the form of videos. With the popularity of GoPro and smartphones, it’s now easier than ever to capture photos and videos. You can try visiting video sharing websites and use the search function similar to how you would use a search engine. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find a video review of the exact model you want.

As you can see, finding legitimate trekking pole reviews is a fairly simple process. You just need to spend more time on digging deeper into the search results and learn how to look beyond popular brands and review websites. By reading personal blogs and watching online video reviews, you put yourself in the best position to find a good pair of trekking poles that perfectly fits your budget and needs.